Men's shoes

Look at these five keys to choose men’s shoes

Although it seems an easy task, finding the right shoe involves considering several details. Brooks Brothers proposes some main aspects.

In the field of fashion there is consensus in pointing out that the shoe is one of the main elements that complement the men’s wardrobe, formal or informal, and that can be decisive when choosing the perfect combination.

The concept has been present in the imaginary of different cultures. It is estimated that one of its origins comes from the Arabic “sabbat”, which means “marinated leather”. It has also been found in other languages ​​since the Middle Ages, such as in Portuguese (sapato), in Catalan (sabata), or French (savate).

While many believe that shoes are suitable for any season, one should consider as one of the most relevant factors the season of the year in which they will be occupied. Also relevant is the occasion when they will be used, since a formal shoe has different characteristics than an informal one.

It seems an easy task, but of course it is not as simple as it seems, since to find the right shoe you must take into account five basic details such as design, material, shape and size, color and, of course, the occasion what will it look like?
The prestigious Brooks Brothers store offers five tips to choose and combine the best shoe when buying one:

1. Before choosing a shoe, you should think about the occasion it will be worn. A shoe for a more formal occasion, can have laces and play with the size of the instep. But the thicker the laces, the more informal the shoe will be. If you are looking for a shoe for an informal occasion, you can choose loafers or shoes without laces.

2. In relation to the material, as a general rule you must choose or avoid transpiration. If it is going to be a shoe that will have enough use, to go to work and walk, for example, leather should be the best ally.

3. Regarding the foot, it is important to know well its length, width and volume (high of the instep). The right shoe holds the foot and prevents it from sliding inside. It is also recommended to test both feet, since there may be differences between one and the other. While testing it should be a space at the tip of a centimeter, the heel should be tight to the back of the shoe but not tight. In addition, the front part must be flexible.

4. In addition to the occasion, the time of year in which they will be used must be taken into account. For winter, a thicker and more durable sole than indoor shoes is recommended.

5. Last but not least, the color of the shoe is something that should always be considered, since it must be combined with the ideal suit. Two basic closet should be black and dark coffee. In the case of the latter, ideal is to have different tones to combine. The darkest suits; navy blue or dark gray combined with black shoes. The blue suits look good with a brown shoe. You should avoid strong contrasts between the colors of the suit and shoes, such as charcoal gray with light brown, for example.

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