Earring for lovers of high-heeled shoes with red enamel and high quality handmade ⋆ I Luv Shoes

Earring for lovers of high-heeled shoes with red enamel and high quality handmade

$24.00 $12.00

Metals Type: Copper
Origin: CN (origin)
Vintage style
Item Type: Earrings
Earring Type: Dangling Earrings
Weight: 1.9g
Length: 4.5g
Material: enamel, glass, copper, 925 silver pole
Delivery time: 20-60 days.
Occasion: Party, Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Wedding
Environmental: lead and nickel, cadmium free



Earring for lovers of high-heeled shoes with red enamel and high quality handmade

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*** Red Jewelry Heel Design Earrings ***

*** Description ***

*** Characteristics ***


Made with premium crystals for Ultra Bling Made of shiny gold tone metal. Strong hold.Measures approximately 4.5 x 1 CM

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– Additional warranty: Subject to the brand or seller.
– Shipping availability subject to coverage
– Products subject to customs inspection.


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Earring for lovers of high-heeled shoes with red enamel and high quality handmade


Jewelry Material: Zinc Alloy

Packaging: according to your needs, but you need to pay for the cost of special packaging



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