When entering the Stiletto Academy website, the first thing that strikes us is this phrase: “How do you feel when you wear heels?” There is a myth that the academy wants to dispel: a shoe with a heel does not only mean elegance, slim legs and sensuality.

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Stylight has spoken with Veronica Benini, also known as “Spora” on social media, as well as President of the Stilleto Academy association that he founded in 2010 as a result of her blog and her personal experience with a mild illness. “I started wearing heels every day. I wanted to feel more feminine since psychologically I was on the floor and I didn’t feel like a woman at all. I stuck to my heels as a symbol of femininity and self-esteem, two things that I wanted to recover with all my might ”.


Since her first workshop in 2010 with only 4 participants who wanted to master the art of walking in heels, the road has been long but always full of successes. Currently, the three founding partners of the association, Elena Bobbola and Francesa Marano, together with Veronica, have a mission: to make women feel good in their own skin through courses and workshops that help to rediscover their strengths by wearing heels like empowerment tool.

Next, we discover what is behind a simple high-heeled shoe…

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Veronica, what changes can we see in a woman’s attitude when she is wearing heels?

When a woman wears heels, she feels more powerful, assumes a firmer attitude and transmits much more security. However, she often does not know why. Let’s start from an important factor: first of all it is a physiological change. When standing with a high-heeled shoe, her buttock and, consequently, her chest, she adopts a new position due to the fact that the body is supported on the tip. What does this mean? In a natural way, the woman’s body takes a more sensual, almost animal position. This does not mean that we try to change women, but rather that we make them be themselves but with a different way of interacting with the world, making them take out their character. Self-esteem, acceptance of one’s own body, are at the center of everything we do.


The high-heeled shoe is an instrument of empowerment, but … what if someone does not know how to walk with this type of footwear?

Avoiding the dove effect is essential. The heel is like a prosthesis under the heel that completely changes the way you walk: nobody has taught us how to do it, it is not instinctive at all! However, those who are more familiar with their pelvis will adopt this way of walking more quickly, since the hips are the center of your body.

What are the key tips that you would give to a person who does not know how to walk in heels?

There is a golden rule: always start with a thick heel and not very high. Also, before going outside with them on and while you are wearing them, release your pelvis thanks to some stretches.

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Is there a myth about high heels that you would like to unseat?

That women use them to please men. They do it to like themselves! Man is only a consequence of this.

Let’s talk about a delicate subject: flats or ballet flats.

For tastes there are colors and personally I have to say that I do not like them although I understand that other people may like them. There is a very important health aspect to consider when wearing this type of footwear: ballerinas without heels are flat and hard and basically have the same negative effect as walking barefoot on the asphalt. The same can happen with certain sneakers…

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And is there a solution?

I always put a silicone insole in my Converse and it is something that I would advise all those girls who love to wear ballerinas or very flat shoes.