Heeled shoes are the footwear most chosen by women to dress, both in their day to day and in designated events. Do not doubt that a well-chosen heels with a dress or even with jeans, make a stylized and elegant figure of a woman.


This type of shoes has many varieties and they are very different for their shape and style: we can find pointed shoes, with the rounded tip or with the tip open, and also different models depending on the heel.

The heel that has been in fashion for a couple of years are the high heels, that is, over 8’5cm. The type of heel is very different, but above all we find a wide heel tendency that gives more stability than the needle, elegant at the same time difficult to handle. Although the simple heel shoe, the so-called lounge, is the most elegant and easy to match, whose heel oscillates between 6 and 8’5cm.
You must know what type of heel matches your legs.